Generic Fedora edition of SeaMonkey
(SeaMonkey is also known as IceApe)
suitable for arbitrary Linux system

It is the same code branch as for Fedora EPEL7, but with minimized use of system libraries.

Get it from download dir.

It follows the way how the official SeaMonkey Linux builds are distributed and installed, but incorporates Fedora's changes.
Minimal requirements -- glibc >= 2.17, GLIBCXX >= 3.4.19 (or libstdc++ >= 4.8.5).

In general, if you feel no noticeable advantages in using this edition, then it is advisable to use official builds .
(As always, you can donate them here ).

Some features and differencies:
    - Include all the langpacks in one package
by default the proper language is selected according to the system settings
    - Implement customization of date and time format
    - Use startup-cache to speedup start time
    - Better support for user-agent overrides:
        - allow change advertised Firefox version in Preferences
        - utilise ua-update.json system/user file for site-specific overrides
        - implement mailnews.useragent.override for mail
use Thunderbird instead of Firefox for it, if needed
    - Preliminary backport of some useful features needed for modern sites
    - Try to be more close to old traditional look and feel
    - Various small fixes and improvements

The binaries are built under Fedora Copr infrastructure. The source is the ordinary epel7 branch with just a different spec file.
Compiled by clang-15 and latest rust.
The packages appear first as rpm under correspond copr download dir.
Then the binary rpm is unpacked by rpm2cpio script and the content of ./usr/lib64/seamonkey goes to the final tarball.

You can obtain debuginfo and sources rpms the same way (from the copr download dir),  for sources you can just use epel7 branch instead.

If you find any issues with this edition, before reporting it please check first whether the official version affected or not.
It could be useful also to check whether various Firefox versions are affected, and how various Firefox-derived browsers behave too.

E-mail for feedback: